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In ancient China, an emperor is regarded as tianzi or ” Heaven ‘s son”, one who is sent from Heaven to rule the nation and its people. Little wonder that he held sway over the masses and is deemed sacred and inviolate. Literally, a dynasty’s rise and fall, and the people’s weal and woe, are intimately linked to his calibre and character.

Much has been written about he great emperors of China. But what about those rulers who, through their whims and fancies, had the commoners gnash their teeth in grief and hate?

Here are 12 stories on China’s most notorious emperors – a motley crew of squanderers, murderers, thugs, lechers and idiots swaggering under the holy cloak of a tianzi! Read on and see how they got their just desserts!


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Title: Infamous Chinese Emperors

ISBN: 9789812294593

Writer: Tian Hengyu

Illustrator: Tian Hengyu

Size: 150x210mm

Pages: 183

Price: S$13.50

Genre: History

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Dimensions 15 × 21 cm


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