The Student’s Code of Conduct – S$10.00

Di Zi Gui, or The Student’s Code of Conduct, has its origins from this line in the Analects of Confucius, “A true disciple is filial; has fraternal love; is vigilant and trustworthy; cares for the community; seeks the company of the virtuous and pursues knowledge.” Long regarded as an essential text for moral instruction, this classic serves as one of the most widely used texts in educating generations of young Chinese. Its wisdom remains relevant and stands tall as a beacon in a sea of relentless change in today’s world.

Other books in this series: The Three Character Classic, and The Classic of Filial Piety

With lively illustrations depicting ancient and modern day contexts, these three books attest to the insights and practicality contained within these classical texts. A heartwarming and lively read that educates on the essentials of all human relationships!


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Title: The Student’s Code of Conduct

ISBN: 9789812294845

Writer: Asiapac Editorial

Illustrator: Chan Kok Seng

Size: 150x210mm

Pages: 153

Price: S$10.00

Genre: Kids

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