Ronin Rat and Ninja Cat, Book 3 of 5 – S$6.50

About the graphic novel

Book 3: Prisoners of the Fox

On the run from the law, the ronin rat, Whiskers and the kitten burglar Maneki encounter the dying pigeon monk Hatto who, with his dying breath, entrusts to them the key and a map to the lost treasures of the First Emperor. Whiskers, who is given the key, reluctantly agrees to partner Maneki in the hunt for the treasure when the latter memorizes the map and swallows it.

They did not get far when they are ambushed and captured by bandits who take them to their leader, the mysterious “Boss san” … who is none other than Whisker’s wife whom he had abandoned.

But their woes are not over. The ruthless blind bat Koumori had been tasked by his master, Amami Inaba to locate the items which are now in the rat and the cat’s possession. And anyone who stands in the way or knows about the items must die.

Presenting the third chapter in the debut comic book mini-series by writer/illustrator Joshua Chiang, Ronin Rat and Ninja Cat is a love letter to classic Chanbara (samurai sword-fighting) movies set in a land of talking animals, giant insects, a bit of magic here and there, and one really big, really destructive Daikaiju!

About the author/illustrator

Joshua Chiang is an illustrator and author. He has been published by Ethos Books (Trackless Paths), and CerealBox Studios (The Chronicles of Oujo). He was heavily involved in the Singapore animation scene before this and has written for many locally produced animated series such as Nanoboy, Master Raindrop, Zigby and The Exolight as well as international productions such as Robot ARPO and also helped conceptualize and storyboard various other series.


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Title: Ronin Rat and Ninja Cat, Book 3 of 5

ISBN: 9789811437069

Writer & Illustrator: Joshua Chiang

Size: 256mmH x 168mmW

Pages: 36 contents + 4 cover

Price: $6.50

Year: 2019

Finish: Saddle stitch

Printing: 4C x 4C

Genre: Graphic Novel


Additional information

Weight 135.5 g
Dimensions 25.6 × 16.8 cm


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