Zhuge Liang Infuriates Zhou Yu – S$7.50

In this fifth volume, the saga continues as you discover how Zhuge Liang repeatedly provoked Zhou Yu and finally drove him to his death. It is said that heroic men don’t cry but in this volume, Liu Bei cried his heart out to keep Jingzhou. Likewise, on receiving news of Zhou Yu’s death, Zhuge Liang mourned his death so sincerely that he won the admiration and respect of many, including his enemies.


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Title: Zhuge Liang Infuriates Zhou Yu

ISBN: 9789812294951

Writer: Luo Guanzhong

Illustrator: Li Chengli

Size: 150x210mm

Pages: 154

Price: S$7.50

Genre: History

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Weight 220 g
Dimensions 15 × 21 cm


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