8 Immortals – Miracle Makers – S$10.00

The term “Eight Immortals” is used figuratively for happiness. The stories in this book show how the Eight Immortals brought happiness to the common folk through their miracles and good deeds. Read about the miracles performed by the Eight Immortals to dispel demons and punish the wicked. Tales of how Empress Wu Zetian tried to pray for longevity and how demons sought to spread the plague will keep you deeply enchanted!


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Title: 8 Immortals – Miracle Makers

ISBN: 9789812295408

Writer: Asiapac Editorial

Illustrator: Chan Kok Sing

Size: 150x210mm

Pages: 117

Price: S$10.00

Genre: Classics

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Weight 200 g
Dimensions 15 × 21 cm


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