Autism in Short: A Handbook for Parents – S$25.00

This book is not intended as a textbook. It is a brief guide on autism spectrum disorder for parents of young children. This book is written with the parent in mind. It aims to compress the vital information that every parent who has a child or children with autism should know. It is not a comprehensive reference on autism spectrum disorder. It merely addresses the question: what do parents of children with autism really need to know? It is not a substitute for a comprehensive assessment by a doctor. If you have concerns about your child please do consult a paediatrician for an expert opinion. The use of pictures, infographics and tables will, hopefully, demystify the pathway for parents to navigate autism. The text is intentionally kept brief for clarity. I hope parents will find that this volume answers some questions and that it is an accessible and useful guide to support them in their journey with their children.

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  • Title: Autism in Short: A Handbook for Parents
  • Author: Subhashini Jayanath
  • ISBN: 9789670311241
  • Book Size: 152.4mm x 228.6mm
  • Weight: 150g
  • No. of pages: 86p
  • Price: S$25.00 (before tax)
  • Year: 2018
  • Finish: Paperback
  • Published by: Gerakbudaya
  • Printing: B/W
  • Genre: Mental Health

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Weight 150 g
Dimensions 13.0 × 19.0 cm


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