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This book comprises a collection of thoughts and insights developed over decades of robust discussions on the ethics of life and business practises. Can there be meaning in life and business in the midst of greed, selfishness, ego and a ‘winner-take-all’ attitude of man? 10 axioms are laid out as a proposed way forward for man to exist in harmony, sustain the earth and achieve world peace.


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Interpersonal and political conflicts, wars and armed struggles are raging across countries, ethnic groups and religious communities in the world today. There seems to be no way of stopping the violence that kills and maims men, women and children. At the same time, natural disasters and sicknesses such as earthquakes, phenomenal weather changes and cancers are threatening the safety of communities, and even the existence of the world.

The writer examines and suggests why such situations occurred in the past and are continuing with increasing frequency as mankind moves into the future. The observations and the postulations made have been derived from decades of life and business experiences, as well as social, economic, political and religious discussions between the author and his late father.

From these interactions and an open-minded understanding of various faith communities, the author makes the case for adopting 10 axioms and a Let God ‘Owe’ You (LGOU) approach to life and nature, with the hope that this practice will help move human beings closer to world peace and the long-term sustainability of life on earth.

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