Principles of Feng Shui – S$13.50

Find out more about: How the Art of Feng Shui came about, What is Qi, The Yin & Yang, The Five Elements, Heavenly Stems, Earthly Branches, The 12 ‘Shen Sha’, The Eight Trigram, Good and Bad Feng Shui, Auspicious Wedding Dates & Matrimonial Homes.
Understanding how feng shui works requires intensive study as it is a complex school of thought. But to those who are just curious, it would be interesting to have an idea of the basic principles of feng shui and how they work. This new edition includes
* Ways to enhance qi in the house with the use of mirrors, aquarium, living plants, candles and light, crystals as well as wind chimes and bells.
* the ideal passage to your house.


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Title: Principles of Feng Shui

ISBN: 9789813068933

Writer: Sherman Tai

Illustrator: Wee See Heng

Size: 150x210mm

Pages: 142

Price: S$13.50

Genre: Others

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Weight 200 g
Dimensions 15 × 21 cm


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