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This is a reference book for ethnomusicologists and those who are interested in Vietnamese Musical Instruments. However, it is much more than a lexicon. Visiting museums, libraries, institutions, and speaking with writers and professors in the field, it is an author’s journey and firsthand experience in researching the many wonderful instruments of Vietnam.

The book is divided into four main instrumental sections – aerophones, chordophones, idiophones, and membranophones. Throughout, you will find journal entries, informative pages about instruments, a brief history of Vietnamese music, specifics about instrument classifications, and so forth.

Because new creations and old are appearing all the time, I have jokingly said, “This is the world’s most comprehensive, incomplete, book on Vietnamese musical instruments in the world”. In many older instruments, free natural materials such as bamboo and stone feature in their construction. In more recent times, recycled materials like racquet handles, bottle caps, bicycle spikes, and even tin cans have been used. Who knows how many instruments are out there that we just haven’t found yet? Hopefully, this book will spark interest leading to an expanded volume which will eventually include all instruments within the country.

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About the Author
Australian Terry Moran began his journey with piano lessons adding voice and then double bass. His composition career began in his teens when he won a jingle competition for the “International Year of the Youth” and he was hooked! Terry completed his Bachelor of Creative Arts in musical composition at the University of Wollongong where he then received his Graduate Diploma of Education. He completed his Graduate Certificate in Teaching Studies of Asia as well as his Masters in Education at the University of Western Sydney where he was awarded the Dean’s Medal for academic excellence. His thesis, “Teaching In-Tune Singing to Year 1 Students”, was published in the Australian Journal of Music Education. With a teaching career spanning over 30 years, Terry has taught music to students in kindergarten through high school while continuing studies in the Kodaly method and Orff approach. His composition, “Roots and Wings”, was written for the German European School Singapore where he is Head of Music. Terry has authored many teaching resources which are gaining popularity in music education around the world. They include his “Partner Song” series, “Art Music” series, and an original children’s musical story book collection.


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