Mata Hati Kita – The Eyes of Our Hearts – S$22.00

Some stories need telling, and they need to be heard. Here are twenty-four stories that invite readers to witness the lives of lesbians, bisexual women and trans people. These true stories speak of our shared struggles of being human, of loving, of living for oneself and of living for others. The realities of people who are non-conforming in their sexuality and gender identity are too often rendered invisible, and their voices silenced. This book attempts to change this, to help us all bear witness to ‘the heart truth’ of our fellow Malaysians.
Ada kisah yang harus diwartai, kisah-kisah yang harus didengari. Dipersembahkan dua puluh empat cerita yang ingin menjemput para pembaca menjadi saksi kehidupan para lesbian, wanita biseksual dan orang trans.
Kisah-kisah benar ini menceritakan perjuangan bersama kita sebagai manusia, ketika bercinta, ketika melalui kehidupan demi diri sendiri dan ketika melalui kehidupan demi orang lain. Realiti mereka yang mempunyai seksualiti dan identiti gender yang tidak sepadan dengan apa yang dijangkakan kerapkali dilenyapkan, dan suara mereka dibisukan. Buku ini berhajat untuk mengubah keadaan, dengan membantu kita semua bersaksi akan ‘kebenaran hati’ mereka yang juga rakyat Malaysia.

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  • Title: Mata Hati Kita – The Eyes of Our Hearts 
  • Author: Compiled by Angela M.Kuga Thas and Jac SM Kee
  • ISBN: 9789832344537
  • Book Size: 148.5mm x 210mm
  • Weight: 296g
  • No. of pages: 182pp
  • Price: $22 (before tax)
  • Year: 2016
  • Finish: Paperback
  • Published by: Gerakbudaya
  • Printing: B/W
  • Genre: Gender & Sexuality, Malaysian studies, Memoir

Additional information

Weight 296 g
Dimensions 14.9 × 21.0 cm


Established in 2000, and nominated for 2020’s Prix Voltaire, Gerakbudaya is a publisher and distributor of books that embody social awareness, critical and alternative perspectives, and the hidden histories of Malaysia, Southeast Asia and the wider world we live in.

Gerakbudaya is dedicated to the circulation of timely and important books, to breaking down artificial barriers between writers/thinkers and between institutions and the outside world, and generating informed discussions on important issues in Malaysian life by providing different views and fresh insights.

As a publisher, alongside our academic imprint Strategic Information and Research Development Centre (SIRD), we are committed to publishing original and thought provoking books which produce a critical awareness of Malaysian politics, history, culture and society.

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